To Spread the Joy and Passion of Dance to the Central Florida Area. Established in 1999, Salsa Heat Dance Studio is the premier Latin dance studio in Orlando and Central Florida.   We currently hold salsa classes at 5 locations conveniently located in Orlando, Kissimmee, Palm Bay, Maitland and Central Florida.  Our student body has over 60,000 registered participants and continues to  grow thanks to our devoted salsa community.

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Salsa Classes in Orlando

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Where can I take a salsa classes in Orlando?

Salsa Heat Dance Studios have been teaching salsa dancing classes in Orlando to all the two-left-feet dancers out there for more than 20 years! The dance seen in Orlando has never been the same. If you are looking to socialize, make new friends, change your circle or simply get your dance on, then Salsa Heat will fit the bill. When we started many years ago, we were the only Latin dance studio in town!

We put a lot of work into the way we teach our classes to make sure you have an awesome experience at any level of dance. There is much to talk about, so we hope to answer your questions about salsa classes in Orlando right here.

What to wear salsa dancing?

There’s nothing special to wear when doing salsa class in Orlando, or at any of our locations. Come as you are, and don’t worry about the rest. We have seen people come in dance shoes, in flip-flops, socks, or even barefoot. We just want you to have an excellent time when you come dancing. If you are feeling like you are getting the hang of dancing, we do sell shoes at our East Colonial location. We have dance shoes for ladies, gentlemen, and even children.

Is it hard to learn salsa dancing?

Not at all. Most people learn the basic salsa steps inside the first 5 to 10 minutes! Crazy. Right? The comment we get most often is “If I had known it was going to be this easy, I would have taken salsa classes much sooner”. We get this comment almost weekly, and they are right. We use a true-and-tried method that takes the pressure off of learning to dance.

What if I am very shy?

Salsa classes are held in a social dance environment, and you will likely make new friends before you know it. Salsa dancing usually becomes a passion for most people, and once you start, you may find yourself a brand new person once you have built your dancing confidence up. We are also a very welcoming studio, and we like you just the way you are! In a social dancing environment, everyone is a friend, and everyone wants to dance! No typical club antics! We promote a very safe environment for all, and we welcome you. Period.

When do you teach?

The only day we do not teach, is on Sundays. We have classes at our main location (E. Colonial Drive) every day of the week, and on Saturdays as well. On weekdays classes begin at 7:00 pm, and on Saturdays, our classes start at 1:00 pm. Some of our other locations have different class schedules, please click on the locations to find the schedule for the Salsa Heat Dance Studio near you.

Do you have practice nights or parties?

We sure do! We have a social every single weekend, where you can come and dance to your heart’s content! It’s social dancing, so you can dance all night long and make new friends! We have socials in Kissimme, West Palm Beach and at our very own Venetian Ballroom, right here in East Orlando. The Venetian Ballroom is also available for rent. Click here for more information on the Venetian Ballroom.

Additional questions?

You can give visit our FAQ page by clicking on this link, or you can call us at 407-275-0943.