Date(s) - Saturday, March 10th
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Ladies Styling Every 2nd Saturday
Learn to dance with style, and grace with Brenda from Salsa Heat. She is also the Director of the Salsa Heat Ladies Styling Team.

This class will teach you the basic fundamentals of styling such as; basic arm styling, rib cage isolation, proper foot-work technique & body movement and basic shines, flirtation moves, head whips, shines, body rolls, lunges, advanced shines and  all around sexy movements.

So Ladies if you want to put some spice to your salsa, don’t miss this styling class with Salsa Heat’s Diva Brenda.

Place: Salsa Heat E. Orlando Location, 10685 E. Colonial Dr.  Orlando  Click for map
Cost: $12 (keytags allowed)